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Instrument for reporting Planned Endpoints in Clinical Trials

About InsPECT 

InsPECT is a new evidence-informed and consensus based instrument for reporting planned endpoints in clinical trials that is currently under development for a 2019 release. InsPECT builds on the ongoing work that is being done by organizations such as COMET, COSMIN, EQUATOR, SPIRIT, CONSORT, and PRISMA that enhance reporting transparency and quality. Through the development of a transparent outcome reporting standard, the InsPECT guideline will have a global impact by helping researchers describe the outcomes in their studies. The aim is that health care professionals and patients can use this information to make informed health care decisions. InsPECT will also enable researchers to combine studies and compare the outcomes between different treatments for the same condition. This is needed to determine which treatments are the most beneficial to patients, families, and the health care system.

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InsPECT is a new reporting guideline under development to help improve the quality of outcome reporting in clinical trials and reduce research waste. The InsPECT development team includes world leaders in health research methodology: clinical trials, literature reviews, and research reporting guidelines. 

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